Admission Requirements

Applicants for admission to the Truck Driver program must meet the following requirements:

Be a high school graduate or equivalent, possess and military DD 214 certificate, or demonstrated the ability to benefit from the training offered through successful completion of an entrance exam.

Be a minimum of 18 years old of age to drive intrastate and 21 years to drive interstate.

Have an acceptable driving record.

Possess a valid driver’s license.

Pass a DOT physical examination and drug screen.

Have no outstanding driving validations in and U. S. state.

Able to read, write and speak the English language.

Persons desiring to make applications for admission should contact the school or one of its representatives. Applicants must be interviewed by a representative of the school, complete and enrollment (student contract), and submit other information which may be required to determine qualifications. All prospective applicants are invited to visit the school for a personal tour of the facility. Non-high school graduates or equivalent must successfully pass the school’s entrance examination.